Blog Income Report: The Tools That Helped Me Earn $16,000 Last Month

16000 blog income report

16000 blog income report

My Internet friend emailed me the other day. She’d read one of my Blog Income Reports and was debating whether she should start sharing hers.

I encouraged her to do so because I really think they can be inspiring, and helpful, and such great learning tools, and . . . then she told me how much she’d made that month.


Here was my immediate thought process, in the order my thoughts occurred. And don’t worry, the true inner dialogue is included below:

  1. This woman is a superstar.
  2. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang Gina, you’ll never make over $20,000 in a month. (Also, I sounded like Martin, from the show named Martin, when I said this in my head.)
  3. Okay, okay, maybe one day I can make that much. But it’s like seven years out. And hopefully by then I’ll have convinced people to call me by my favorite nickname: Regick. (I blame this one on my love for Chronicles of Riddick, and I blame my love for that on . . . daaaaang Gina . . . there’s just no excuse for that.)
  4. Wait, why does it have to take me seven years? Sidenote: Buy the domain name to see if people will start calling me by my nickname.
  5. Hmm, what if I can do it sooner than seven years? No, no, silly Regick, that’s only for other people, not you.
  6. But hmm, what if I CAN do it sooner? You’re sounding like a crazy person Regick, but I like it.
  7. Know what? I can do it sooner.

And something crazy happened. byRegick, or byRegina, whatever you want to call it, made over $22K in December 2014 (and note: the report below is about January 2015).

Not because I’m the most genius blogger (I’m just not), not because I had 20 million people visit my site (would that break the Internet?) . . . no, I reached that income goal because honestly, for the first time ever I believed and knew it was possible for a normal person like me. Knowing that my Internet friend, who is normal like us, could reach that level, made me acknowledge the possibility of it in my own life.

Why am I saying all of this? Because I really, really want you to read this report below and know that your goals are possible. The mere act of believing, in essence, gives us permission to go for our goals. It’s important to reach for them, not only for yourself and your family, but because your achievements will give other people “permission” in their own lives.

On Facebook the other day, I asked you if you liked seeing income reports from bloggers, and so many wonderful people said “Heck yes.”

I asked this question because amazing bloggers like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income inspire me with their reports, which is why I started these back in April of 2014. People like Pat have always felt somewhat unreal to me, but they truly are totally normal, real-life people.

So, here is the income report of another totally real-life person, who would take you salsa dancing, rock climbing, or tequila drinking if you were in Austin right now.

Blog Traffic for January 2015

For my birthday this year, which is in like 20 months, I want more bloggers to talk about their blog traffic. I think it really helps put things in perspective. Depending on your blog monetization methods, your traffic can be a good indicator of income potential (because it affects/shows the number of eyes on your ads, the amount brands are willing to pay for sponsored posts, etc.), but it doesn’t always positively correlate (if most of your income is based off of consulting or product sales, traffic might not have to be as high to make the same amount).

Below are my Google Analytics stats for January 2015.

Blog Income Report - January Traffic for byRegina

My blog traffic was down in January . . . apparently, as a blogger, it helps if you post more than once per month . . . news to me ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ.

But yo, let me tell you, having a library of past posts will really help you in months that you aren’t able to post as much. It’s one of the top things I talk about in my non-nerd guide to SEO for bloggers. Your past archives won’t ever stop bringing you traffic . . . so keep building them. You can view some of my past posts on my blog post Pinterest board below.

Follow byRegina (blogging + business)’s board Blog Posts on Pinterest.

P.S. is a great place to check out your site and some of its key stats. I’ve definitely seen brands make some of their sponsored post and affiliate program offers based on Alexa stats.

The site gives an overview of your global ranking and your audience, among other things. Plus, it’s nice to check your trends over time. My rank in America is down this month, but my global ranking is upโ€”I like knowing these things.

byRegina blog Alexa rankings for January 2015

Blog Income for January 2015

  1. #50Workdays–Zero to Blog: $5475.00 (a few payments for this new class/program were made in January, but most were made in December)
  2. EpicBlog–Editorial Planner: $3,224.22 (this is sold from
  3. Bluehost Affiliate commission: $2,040.00
  4. Grow Your Blog Traffic with Social Media–The eBook + Workbook: $1,503.00
  5. 3-Day Create–The Workbook to Help You Create Your Own Information Product: $1,079.40
  6. The Small Business Manual: $773.30 (currently working on revising this book to make it more about freelance businesses)
  7. The Guide to Creating a Stellar Content Plan: $667.50
  8. WordPress Class Registrations: $470.00 (this class is taught in real life in Austin–$470 is my portion after I pay the other instructor)
  9. The Epic Brand Identity Workbook: $437.00
  10. Amazon Associates: $273.49
  11. How to Start a Business in Texas: $195.00 (live seminar taught in person)
  12. How to Promote Your Business Online: $120.00 (live seminar)
  13. EpicDay Notepad: $120.00
  14. Linqia Affiliate program: $5.00

Total: $16,382.91

Most of my monetization is digital/online, but for the few physical/in-person products I have, I try to give you income figures after the cost of shipping and production are removed.

In the past, I’ve had low operating expenses each month . . . however, I’ve started hiring subcontractors and I just hired my first full-time awesome, helpful person, so I’ll have to start detailing my expenses for you soon.

I no longer offer any consulting services. It was a scary move, but I’ve loved being able to spend the time with the #50Workdays people who are building their blogs + brands from scratch right now. It has been amazing.

2 things that helped me earn money this month

1. Creating something live + urgent.

This was the world’s largest accident on my part. Here’s how it went down. I was making a tutorial video on how to use Apple Pages (my favorite publishing tool that I use to create almost all of my workbooks and books) when I realized that the amount of stuff I wanted to share was going to take an hour or more. Hmm. Hey Regick, will YouTube even allow you to upload an hour long video? I asked myself.

Yes, I’m going to keep dropping “Regick” until someone other than my good friend Tiffany calls me by that name.

Back to the story: I decided to do a live webinar instead of a traditional tutorial video. I announced it here on the blog (here’s a recording of the Apple Pages webinar if you missed it) and invited some of my Google+ friends. Since I was going to use a free Google+ Hangout On Air as the platform, it made a lot of sense to invite my G+ buddies.

I decided I wanted to offer anyone watching the webinar a special treat. I mean, theoretically, they were going to sit through an hour of moi, so I wanted to dream up something epic.

I chose to share a document with my recommended copyright text (to put in every book you sell) and to do a deep discount on everything available for sale in my Gumroad shop. I sell some of my digital products elsewhere, but Gumroad makes it so simple to add discount codes >> it’s my preferred platform. I love them.

Lastly, I decided that the offer/treat should only last for a limited time. It was such a serious discount that I felt I should only offer it for two days. Well . . .

A live webinar can create a super sales spike when you offer a discount

You see the spike in product views and sales in the last few days of the month (in the Gumroad dashboard above)? The increased sales started right after the webinar.

Takeaway: Whatever the size of your audience, consider offering a free training where you give away a lot of valuable information (and maybe even some worksheets/resources), and then offer a limited time sale on some of your products or services. You can use this as a way to launch a new product or as a way to drive sales/awareness of older products.

2. Creating a tool/book that has a really specific audience.

In December I released EpicBlog, it’s more of a workbook + planner than it is a traditional book, but creating it still had most of the benefits of writing a traditional book.

My book/planner sold more in January than it did the month it was released (December), and since Amazon fulfills all the orders for me, I don’t spend time shipping out each one, but people still receive them in a timely manner.

Takeaway: What is a tool (in your industry or for your audience members) that you really wish you had right now? Can you be the person to make it?

2 Monetization Tools I Couldn't Live Without This Month

1.’s CreateSpace

CreateSpace (now Kindle Direct Publishing) is a service + software that allows you to load files for a book (the cover and interior), set a price, and sell your original work from You can also create CDs and DVDs with them, but let’s talk about books for a second.

For a small fee, Amazon will print + ship out your books to customers all around the world. You don’t have to deal with shipping or returns. Nothing. You just upload your printable book files. Since this is how I created EpicBlog, CreateSpace definitely goes on my list of tools I couldn’t live without.

2. Apple Pages (I use the 2009 version because of all it’s cool features)

As discussed in my free webinar on Pages, in any given month I usually make over 50% of my income (most of the time it’s a lot more than that) from documents, books, workbooks, eBooks, and other products that I created in Pages.

I really recommend finding a tool that you learn and use consistently for this. Depending on the length of your content and your style, you might use Adobe InDesign or Canva for this, among other tools.

My #1 tip this month for making money with your blog?

Build up an epic library of content that keeps people engaged and on your site. I highly recommend the free blog post template in this post as a starting point.

So, for anyone who wants even more ways to monetize your blog . . . what methods have you been considering? Is there anything you tried lately that was surprisingly helpful?

Oh, and here’s the huge favor I want to ask of you–please tell me: What types of things would you like to see/know from these reports? I want to continue doing them a few times per year, but I want them to be helpful. Do you want to see these stick around?

Regick out.

  1. I love reading blog reports. It’s really inspiring. There’s so much potential, now I just have to get to work.

    Step 1 for me, change to a theme that’s not driving me nuts. I used to think the bells and whistles of it were so cool.

  2. Oh Regina, another fantastic and helpful gem! Well done. I really love income and traffic reports. As Patricia wrote, they are really inspiring and they often serve as motivators to #getsh*tdone. Funny enough, one of the major things that came to mind once I finished this post was how I wish I could see a day (or week) in the life of Regina. You consistently post such high-quality content and deliver it in such a personalized and fun way; I just wonder how you tackle the day to make these great things happen. I did a quick search through the archives, but this might be a post that many people who are considering or pursuing a similar career might be very interested in.

    1. Marissa, you’re such a genius. Thank you for your comment, and thank you for providing such a great idea. I’d love to put a post like this together.

      And Erika’s title is “so me” and so hilarious. Y’all are awesome.

    2. I totally agree! I would absolutely love to see a “Day in the Life” type of post. Regina, finding your website has been like striking gold. There are so many things that I want to implement and tackle now! Now I am just trying to figure out where to start! I am so excited to see where your wonderful website takes my blog!
      Your the best!


  3. This is really interesting and I love how transparent you are but also all the tools and ideas you gave us.
    Looking at your sales, I couldn’t help (I have an analytical mind, must be my terrible French education!) noticing
    1) that there is no correlation between the amount of work on a product and its sales performance. It seems that the key to sales is how it fits an unmet need or is original (for instance your 3days create book is selling more or less as much as your GBTSM book and clearly the GBTSM book had TONS of content so must have taken you huge amount of time. But the 3 days create book is such a genius idea !)
    2) that people love a physical product too (your fabulous epic blog planner)
    3) that BlueHost is a damn good affiliate program !!

    If I didn’t work ful time, I would start creating the physical product I have in mind, Maybe one day, I’ll have less need for sleep and can do it.

    Thanks again and congrats on these numbers, you really really deserve them. I’m really happy for you.

    1. Stephanie! You’re a genius. I love what you noticed with #1. Hmmm.. something to note.

      I have to harass… ah, I mean “encourage” you to not use a job as an excuse for delaying your physical product to one day. Carve 15 minutes out of your day, five days a week and you will have your product. Best selling books have been written that way before the authors became famous and had the luxury of writing at the beach!

      FYI, I have a “Grand Blogger Showcase” where bloggers making $1000+ per month share how they do it ( …and it IS very encouraging. ๐Ÿ™‚

      You know Regick… since I live in Austin, too… I must say that as Austinites we really have no choice but to embellish a bit because everything is bigger in Texas. And that’s a fact!

      xoxo darlene ๐Ÿ™‚
      P.S. Forgot you asked for input. You could include your expenses. I like how you did the “takeway.”

      1. I get why you put the after-expenses profit, but it would great to know how much your tools cost, or if you’re using outside help. I think that a lot of bloggers do use virtual assistants or other employees and that helps us see your structure.

        Love that you share your income every month! It’s very inspiring, and I love seeing how every blogger earns differently. Some have strengths in different areas, so it makes sense to match your products to those strengths.

    1. Yes ma’am. I’ll make sure a post goes live with all those details, but as I respond to early applications, you’ll be getting the schedule via email as well.

  4. Regick, I’ll never be able to truly explain how helpful your site has been. If I ever make it to Austin, I’m finding you to give you a big ole hug, lol. So, while my blog is definitely fashion + lifestyle focused, I’ve always mixed in posts about blogging bc I’ve researched so much, and there is a LOT of filler out there-my goal is to help readers cut through that. Reading your posts helped me start doing workshops (2nd one is 2 weeks away), offer more blog coaching, and ultimately create digital products I know that they can use. I created a workbook for my workshops and am going to flesh it out a bit more so that I can sell it, so your reports like this helped me understand that, yes I can offer native advertising on my sidebar and also do sponsored posts, but whats really going to get me where I want to be will be my own products and any other freelance services I offer. You’ve also given great resources on systems to use in order to make it happen w/o going crazy, lol.

  5. So first question can I be like you when I grow up? Second question SERIOUSLY can I be like you when I grow up?! I stumbled accross your blog and it’s like waking up on Christmas morning. Such an inspiration. I have such a long way to go before I get traffic and products on my site like yours, but I love the income reports. I also love the fact that you live in Austin I’m in Boston and I’m tired of the snow so I’ve been thinking of relocating.

    First things first must find a theme that I love. And build the brand of me like you mentioned earlier instead of having so many other business and websites. Deff time to brainstorm. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Regina, you are awesome. I absolutely love how transparent you are with your processes and ideas, not just about blogging but about all your brand companion products – webinars, seminars, books, e-books. I’m really starting to get a better feel on how to build my brand, and not just a lot of disjointed things I happen to be interested in. I’ve got a long way to go, but thanks to your posts and planning tools, I at least know where I want to go. All hail Regick.

  7. Wow Regina, just wow!!

    First off, congratulations! Secondly, thank you for sharing these reports and for being so detailed and transparent! You know how I adore you Regick and everything that you do!

    I do agree with the request from Marissa, inquiring minds would like to know (NEED TO KNOW) what your day is like – how you’re cranking all of this amazingness out so we can figure out how to do it ourselves. I have an idea, but still!

    And, I’m still down to road trip to ATX, just saying…

  8. Regina you deserve it. Congratulations! I am so proud to have contributed to that pot. And after a stellar month learning to create a blog that looks like it belongs in 2015 I am so grateful for the day I randomly found your blog. And after your

    1. Sorry hit the post button by accident. As I was saying … after manifesting your Epic Download Class, I am glad to say I have all the tools I need to create an Epic Blog. Got so much from that class. Thanks a million. Congrats again I wish you even bigger numbers next month.

  9. Hey Regina, thank you so much for this and all of your helpful posts. I’m obsessed.

    Stupid question real quick: Is Apple pages only available on Apple products? Is there a PC version of this? Do you think it’s necessary to have a Mac?

    I’ve always just used PC because it’s cheaper and my business is still young, but in the future if I can save up the moolah, I might consider something else.

  10. Oh Regina, I love you! You have inspired me beyond measure. My one goal in life at this point is to do what I love by sharing it with the world and not have to worry about money. You are living proof that it CAN be done and because of you, I know I can do it too. <3

  11. Hey Regina!

    Really Really Loved this! And I have so much more amazingness to add to my audience because of this!

    What has really worked for me is knowing I’m a blogger but I’m not a blogger, this was a biggie for me. This was exactly what I needed, and it truly showed me how to monetize my blog in a way that is best suited for what I do and enjoy doing.


  12. Hi Regina,
    LOVE your offerings! I’m inspired to reinvent myself and my website and start blogging. I, too, wonder how much time this requires to continue marketing and increase traffic, once the planning stage and content development is done? Thanks!!!

  13. I absolutely love reading your blog, its by far one of my favorites and the first place I go when I’m stuck on something blog/business related! And I didn’t know until just now that you are in Austin! I’m planning on moving down there as soon as I can find a job and I am 100% going to sign up for one of your in person courses!

  14. Great post!
    I also liked when you included your google analytics – your traffic reports those were awesome.

    I love your honesty!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Thanks for your transparency Regick! <3 I love your stuff, and will continue to support. I hope to be able to post income reports this time next year.

  16. Well Regick, you know I’m a fan of these reports! (Thanks for inspiring me to do my first income report recently!)

    LOVE the live webinar tie-in. That’s the kind of thing that I know works, in the back of my mind, from plenty of other webinars I’ve watched and purchased things from. (Ramit Sethi’s Earn1K course comes to mind… ) I’d love to start experimenting with videos and webinars… If only there were more hours in the day!

    Congrats on making bank!

  17. Regina/Regick – I love when you share these. And to be specific about what helps: I read a former post of your income breakdown and it completely inspired me to create digital products (put the bulk of the work in once, and sell for as long as it’s still relevant). I haven’t yet created what I want to sell, but I am working on content for my blog and for downloads and workbooks and ebooks that I can begin to offer on my site. I have awesome dreams and plans for my business now, thanks to the inspiration I received from your post! Your post triggered ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. So when I earn my first dollar from a sale of a digital product, I will have to send you a picture of it. (just kidding, it’ll be electronic money. But you get my point: I owe you!) Thank you for sharing!

  18. Thank you! I was one of the lucky people that watched your webinar ( Pages 09) and found it incredibly helpful! It really sold your blog and your products to me. I use Pages 09 and found your tips provided the inspiration I needed to redesign many of my documents. I’m thrilled ( and a little amazed) with the results. I have passed on the link to many of my workmates too. Would you consider putting together a series of webinars as mini an online course? Great job and great advice in this post too.

  19. Thanks so much for posting this! I think the best thing you can do when you’re a successful person is share your own success with actual numbers: it proves your credibility (though you obviously already have plenty of that…) and it shows that you did it, so can we! My amazing financial advisor did that with my husband and I when he recommended investing to us, he showed us his funds and we were just like “=o” <– no other way to describe it. We were convinced! Anyway, thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge, I'm still trying to find a way to make our blog unique and offer different, new tools & products! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks Regina.

  20. Congratulations !! I have to say this is completely deserved. I haven’t drown myself completely on your website yet. I have bookmarked so many articles and I tend to read the whole blog. Because it looks amazing. Because the content seems interesting and legit. I hope your results keeps growing ! You greatly inspired my day !

  21. YAAAY you go, Regick! I really love that you’re not afraid of showing those details, and it’s very inspiring.

    I would love to go serious with my blog and monetise it at some point, but right now my audience is way too small. We’re talking 20-40 sessions a day ( but don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore how engaged my readers are!), so monetising it right now feels… pointless.

    Also I think the beauty blogging community is quite overcrowded, so getting my space in there seems hard. I’m now at a point where I want to open up my content a little bit more and try to do something different, but I also feel sometimes like my blog is just not “good enough”. Bonkers, I know!

    It’s a pity that you don’t offer consultation anymore, but I promise to dive in your archives and learn as much as I can during my vacation at my parent’s later in February! I try to convince myself that if I keep working hard and improving, at some point I’ll be able to do this. After all, I’ve been a blogger only for three months, there’s a lot I have to learn still. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. REGICK – girl, I really wanna cuss you out for how [expletive] awesome you are for reaching amazing income goals this [expletive] month. But, since my sister thought it was necessary to cuss you out first. I’ll [expletive] censor myself.

    You’re amazing. And you’ve motivated me to create some kick as-, er, butt content for style bloggers specifically. Also, I’ve sent like 5 people your way this month. The content you create for us is beyond and I truly [expletive] appreciate it.

    I’d love to see what you spent money on as well. I know some people don’t consider the cost of investing in yourself, your business & now, your employees. That would give great insight.

    Also, do you feel like consulting was a burden? I’m considering and wondering if it’s the right move.

    And finally, if this blogging thing doesn’t work out for you, consider writing the screenplay to The Chronicles of Regick. Just thinking ahead, girl.

    1. Mattie, you are so epic. Seriously. So, a few things:

      — I can’t wait to see what you develop for style bloggers
      — Your sister made me laugh out loud, quite literally
      — I read your comment and giggled then laughed out loud really loud at your screenplay title >> thank you for that
      — And thank you, I can see your point about including expenses >> I’ll make sure to do this next time

      As to consulting: for my personality type (introvert), it was a bit difficult. Some introverts deal with it really well. I love the conversations, but mentally preparing for them was a bit much for me. Also, I wasn’t being smart with my pricing, so it began to feel like I was stretching my time to thin in my business. I think it’s an amazing business model, just not for my business. I like the group coaching + digital products model much better.

  23. Another amazingly inspiring post, Regina! And for the record — I LOVE the Martin references! My other half is obsessed with that show so I hear “Daaaaaaang Gina!” and “Get ta’ steppin’!!!” coming from the living room pretty much every night. Congrats and THANK YOU for the transparency! As always you are an inspiration and I personally appreciate all you do!

    1. Haha. I can just imagine you peacefully working on your computer and rocking the Internets then hearing random shouts of “Get ta’ steppin’!!!” and just having to just shake your head and keep working.

      Thank you for your comment Courtney. I really do appreciate you too.

  24. Great post!
    I’m only blogging for a couple of months now and I’m really learning almost every week, it’s such a fascinating world!
    I’ve got recently a proposition to participate in affiliate marketing..I see that you’re getting quite an income out of it, so I’m curious : is it a ‘blogging move’ that you can recommend?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I absolutely believe affiliate marketing (when done well) can be amazing. It’s a blogging move I recommend when what you’re affiliated with is:

      — something you’d recommend anyway
      — something you can authentically talk about (as in, you’ve used it before)
      — something you’d be okay with another person spending their hard-earned money on

      When those ^^ are met, it becomes so much simpler. Bluehost is easy for me to talk about because I’ve been with them for years and I can’t imagine someone going with their services and being mistreated.

      I hope that makes sense and answers your question, but please let me know if not.

  25. You are SUCH an inspiration. I’m so glad I found you and connected. I’m still working on my redesign and will update you once it’s closer to launch. I still appreciate your help SO much. Anyway..I love these reports and they definitely keep me inspired. I would be interested in seeing how much time you work each month, too. I’m planning to do these reports one day, as well, and I’m thinking of including how much time I spend on my own brand vs. products vs. client work. Just a thought!

  26. Well. Best income report I’ve ever read to be honest. I’ve never heard of createspace but it went on my list of things to look into. And from this I’ve pretty much gathered I should create a bunch of epically awesome products to sell. Oh and I signed up for your class because I need to be making income this year baby! Haha :] Thank you so much for posting this.

  27. Very inspiring Regina! Super pumped to see you kicking so much butt. Interesting to see how well you have diversified your income streams and I think this is incredibly important so that you’re not reliant on any one thing. I learn so much from you- thank you for being so awesome.

  28. Wow… I’ve just discovered your amazing blog. Just as well it’s Saturday as I can see where the rest of my day will be spent. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Loved the income report AND the Two Things AND The Two Tools. Awesome!!! As an absolute newbie to blogging this info is priceless. Thank you so much for sharing.

    You’re right… Belief is the secret spark that makes goals (and dreams) come to life.

  29. Hola. Tackling a full-time job and daydreaming of being the active blogger, I can only catch up on my favorite bloggers’ posts on the weekends! Ugh…Here’s an idea that might be worthy sharing. I know you have explained in the past affiliate programs. I would love to learn which works and what are the differences. I see so many. Not just Amazon, but CJ affiliate, Linkshare. What’s what? What are the differences? What’s worth it?! Anyways, thanks for the inspiration. Have a great weekend!

  30. I love these. I am constantly wanting to learn more and always find exactly what Im searching for coming to your site. Every. Single. Time. Thank you for being honest, sharing your tips and tools and always offering encouragement!

  31. Regina, I really love your blog and love the realness with whcih you share every single thing on here. I have several of your blog posts and worksheets printed out and in my blogging folder to help me keep focussed.

    Thanks for all the value to give the world.

    Have an AMAZING day !

    1. Wow Gertrude, thank you so much for your sweet comment and for taking the time to encourage me today. You’re so great + yes, I love to print everything out as well, so that makes me super happy.

  32. Regick, (see, it worked!)
    I’ve just discovered your website and have yet to peel myself away from my laptop *just….one….more…blog post…*
    Your sense of humor is so akin to mine, and you already called me your good friend! (my name is Tiffany…see what I did there?) It’s like you’re my spirit animal.
    I’m launching my blog this weekend and need to read all of your posts by then, so I must get going. Go on with your legendary self, Regick!

    Tiffany, your good friend.

    1. This is the best Tiffany. Thank you for your sweet comment and for using my true name. Also, there is no greater compliment in the world than being Tiffany’s spirit animal . . . so . . . you complete me.

      I can’t wait until The Golden Letter launches. Will you pretty please consider tweeting me, or carrier pigeoning over a note, or whatever method feels right in the moment? You know me so well; you’ll know what’s best. That’s all I have to report for now.

  33. These are SO helpful Regina! You had me from the beginning around the quote about believing. You make it very possible for those likeme who want to do what they love but don’t think it’s possible. This reminds me that I have a lot of work to do and with the right amount of energy and focus, I can get things done. You’re such an inspiration and I’m so glad to have met you on my blogger journey!

    I’d also like to read more about how you keep up with all of your expenses and income.

  34. Such an insightful post, along with your other entries! I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and it comes at a time that I’m creating my first business + blog plan. I have much more research to do, but related to this post, how do you get affiliates? How do you connect with businesses to add commission embedded links? Lastly, how do you get companies/brands to advertise through your blog?

    Thanks so much! I really dig the wealth of information on your blog.

  35. You’re such an inspiration to me. You’re an incredible writer and your blog is an awesome resource to all bloggers. As I recently said in one of my posts, you’re the queen of blogging, providing some amazing worksheets and tools to guide us to creating a brand that we’re proud of.
    Rebecca-Louise | Autumn Leaves, for bloggers and creatives

  36. Regina, I swear you are my friend in my head! If I ever make it to Austin I am bringing you a bottle of wine (and some chocolate too). This income report is so freakin’ helpful and it really gave me some great ideas. I have analysis paralysis and the more I analyze, the more $$ I lose. I’ve been working on some stuff and your content is helping me so much right now. Thank you for being one of the dopest chicks on the web (do people still say dope?… and I hope you don’t mind me calling you a chick. I am originally from Brooklyn and it’s a serious term of endearment). I’d love to see more of these income reports! Thanks, again!

  37. Oh hell yeah Regick, keep bringing the income reports. I see those on a blog, and I’m scrolling like a maniac to open up the post. Definitely inspiring because my mind goes back and forth, can I do this, am I able to do this, and by the time I reach the end of the post, I’m shaking my head saying Yes, I can do this…keep going. Thanks for the income report.

  38. Well, $16,000 is very good income for 80K monthly visits.
    I’m sure that if you write more, your keywords will be increase and the traffic as well.
    So, keep up the good work girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Ok, help! This is like the 10th post I’ve read of yours in the last half hour! (Ok, I don’t really need help but oh my goodness I love your site!!) Thank you so much for all these fantastic posts!!

  40. Regina your blog is so inspirational. Every post is so useful and connecting me to so many other useful posts! (That was probably your plan) Need to give my eyes a rest been reading all the usefulness for hours!
    I have been blogging since January. Reading your blog has given me a huge boost to go pro and loads of ideas to work towards.
    Thank you x

  41. Regick!! You are SO inspiring! I always ask myself when I read your blog, though, how do u decide what products to create? How do you know they are what your people want and they will sell? Do u do some kind of research or just go with ur gut feeling? (I love gut feelings hahaha). And second, are you a Marie Forleo BSchool alumni?? I hope so (just cos I am and want to have that in common with you lol!)
    Big hugs online sister!!

    1. Ximena,

      You are so amazing. Thank you for your comment. I didn’t do B-School, but I do love B-Schoolers.

      In answer to your other question, I decide based on questions and comments I see on this blog, social media, emails, and other blogs. And then, a HUGE dose of gut feeling–I’m with you on that.

      Hugs back at you.

      1. God bless gut feeling, Regick! ๐Ÿ˜€ I really, really thought you were a BSchooler cos you talk and teach like one! So awesome! I’m sure if u do it one year you will LOVE it so much and you will be such a valuable addition to it thank u for all u do, sis!

  42. Regick ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love, you are so inspiring to me. Because of YOU my fellow Texan Chica, (I’m in DFW to be exact), I’ve begun my journey of creating a course, book, gumroad lol all of that. Thank you sweetie for being so transparent. It helps. God bless ya!

  43. I love income reports! I blog in a very small niche market, and your content has helped me in so many ways since I went live last September. Thank you for sharing and for delivering consistently stellar content!

  44. I really liked this post! I’m starting and my blog don’t even have an year old but I’m trying to create an income with AdSense and some Affiliates sales.

    Testimonials like yours are awesome for me, and they’re motivators!


  45. Regina, thank you so much for sharing! I honestly love when bloggers I admire make these posts. It gives some really great insight from someone who’s been there <3 .

    I just found you blog today and I'm already in love with it. I'm enjoying reading through all your posts. Hope that doesn't sound creepy!

    Keep up the awesome work.

  46. You. are. AWESOME! I’ve been bingeing in your posts and worksheets all day. I’m launching my brand in January. Your website is a godsend.

  47. Hi Regina, over one year late on this post! Iยดm looking for blog business plans and how to get more people to find my blog which I started back in may 2015 and itยดs all so overwelming, so manythings so many things.. I find your blog very useful thanks for all the good advice! / Sara,Barcelona Spain!

  48. Such a detailed income & traffic report. Your blog has a very good traffic and the earnings are also very good. Its really amazing to see that you have shared such a detailed article which is so useful for a newbie to know that blogging could be a very good career option in case taken seriously. Thanks for motivating us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Hi “Regick,”
    I was a teacher for a few years, so I’m all about calling people the names they want to be called! This is such a helpful post for a new blogger (or seasoned blogger who aspires to make more!) I especially love your tip about building up an epic library of content that keeps people engaged and on your site. I was so inspired by your success that I put together a roundup of $100k per year bloggers and their tips. I included you and this post. Congratulations on getting to this point! Your journey is an inspiration for me to keep pushing myself in the blogging world! Here’s my post in case you’re interested in checking out the other bloggers.

  50. Hi Regina!!! I’ve been blogging for 6 years but only recently decided to work on it properly and focus on monetising. What you’ve shared is inspirational to me! How have I not come across your blog before??? If you care to look, here’s my first report: I earned just $100 but we all have to start somewhere. Plus I pay my team so technically I have been in the red for the last year. I’m hoping this changes and we can finally break even and not have to use the profit I make from my other business to pay for my blog. Fingers crossed!


  51. I found this and I LOVE it. I’m currently trying to create a blog (mommy blog/lifestyle blog). The sole reason I am creating it is so I don’t have to go back to work in July. Does that sound bad? Haha!

    I love to write and I wanted to do something that gives me more time with my son! Blogging fits! But I was feeling so overwhelmed, reading this makes me feel so much better!! Thank you! My site will be launching February 15th and this post made me feel so much more confident that I can do this!

  52. I really enjoy reading income reports, because (exactly as you said) it helps me believe that I have the potential, as a real person, to make an income and even a living off of blogging and my creativity. One thing I keep wondering about, though, is if this is possible for lifestyle bloggers. I don’t have an active blog as I did it all wrong for several years and burnt myself out with very little profit to show at the end, but I did build my readership to 35K a month (uniques). I have been offline most of the last two years, and I’m excited to launch a new venture soon, hopefully at the end of this month or at the latest, the beginning of September. But to be honest I’m kind of freaked out I’m going to crash and burn again. ๐Ÿ™ I don’t have any money to invest in this, so I’m doing everything technical myself (which I’ve learned a lot, but I’m not great at). I found a free version of a paid theme that I like, I’m decent with Photoshop so I’m making my own logo and blog elements to make everything streamlined visually, and I’m reading everything I can find (your blog is AWESOME) to help me get a good fresh start. I’ve got a list going of possible products I might produce, as you discuss, and honestly if I could make $2000 a month that would be more than enough to satisfy me so I hope that that’s a possibility. I would LOVE to make $5000 a month, so that I can hire out the things I don’t like or are difficult for me (like site design and social media and housecleaning #lol), and go to a couple of conferences a year, on top of the home things I need the first income for (homeschool supplies, groceries, etc). The main thing is I don’t want to get so bogged down in creating things constantly that I don’t have time to tell stories and create art and share our life, which are the main focus of my new blog. I only want to devote 10-15 hours a week to this thing, though I’m willing to do more for the first few months to get it going. Any thoughts you may have are welcome. <3 Thank you for writing your awesome blog, Regick! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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