How to Create a Brand Statement in Only 10 Minutes

Create an engaging brand statement in 10 minutes

Create an engaging brand statement in 10 minutes
If there’s one thing you and I know, with our extensive legal training (from watching All Rise and other legal dramas. . . and if you haven’t seen All Rise yet, check it out), it’s that when you cross-examine a witness, you need to lead them carefully with pointed questions that require specific, short answers.

We want yes/no, or we want very brief sentences that confirm what we already know. It’s almost like we train witnesses to fall into our mastermind ploy. They can’t help but answer us exactly how we want them to, which is amazing, because when witnesses drop those courtroom shock bombs on you, it’s no bueno . . . at least, not for your side of the case.

And that, my friends, is all related to brand statements. Obviously.

So much so that I bothered our legal team (okay…so it’s my brother) for several minutes trying to figure out if what I was saying was at least a smidgen factual.

Brand statements and courtroom strategy? We’d love to hear the connection, Regina.

So happy that you want to hear it, because I was going to tell you anyway.

Say you’re at a networking event, and you get asked: “So, what do you do?” If you answer with a trained, short, unengaging response, it might be time for a (new) brand statement—or even a new brand (but that’s a story for another post …).

In fact, answering this question like you’re being cross-examined is a clear, undeniable sign you need a new brand statement.

I wrote this post and developed a brand statement formula out of necessity really. I was so tired of answering, “I teach blogging and business?” with my head down, like it was something to be ashamed of or something that I just made up.

When we become embarrassed by, complacent with, or even unsure of what we do, or when we find it hard to proudly present our brand to the world, conversations go something like this:

Random person at a “networking” event: “So, what do you do?”

You: “Oh, I’m a vegan chef.”

Rando McLinkedIn: “Wow. Cool.”

The end. 

Mr. McLinkedIn will barely remember this chef in five minutes, and tomorrow, no chance.

Why didn’t you give more detail? 

“I design droolworthy vegan keto meal plans for bodybuilders who want train hard and eat clean. I also host a monthly weekend intensive online where I actually teach them how to cook – all on video! I’m Luna Reddington, You might be shocked at how fantastic vegan food can be.”

“I work as a graphic design coach for female business owners who want to learn how to create shareworthy social media graphics by themselves. I run group online workshops and it’s the most fun ever. I’m actually finishing up work on The Viral Media Design Planner, which is a 200-page digital workbook. So excited.”

“I teach recent college grads about creating a personal brand for themselves and building a solid platform that can grow with their career. The market is not what it once was, and it seems more and more like people need something beyond, or something other than, a degree to find meaningful work.”

Sure, you have to judge the situation. Not everyone asking should get your full life story, but if someone answered you with one of the answers above when you asked the “What do you do?” question, would you be more likely to remember them? Or check out their website or Instagram later? Or remember to mention them to a friend/colleague in need of services such as theirs?

Brand statements, yo. 

Which are, statements that define a brand. Kinda like mission statements. Brand statements are bite-sized collections of information that help people decide how serious you are about your brand, what your brand even stands for, why what you do matters, and how what you do is different from the 107 people they met (yesterday) who claim to do the same thing.

And. It’s not that the crafting of a brand statement is difficult (I’m gonna show you a formula below), it’s that we forget or neglect to do it. It’s that we don’t realize how necessary it is sometimes.

Today is your day. The day you build a brand statement. The day you stand up and stand out with your words—in a sea of people walking around with “I’m a graphic designer” and “I kinda sorta teach graphic design” responses.

What I’m about to share is neither rocket science nor Elon Musk-style business genius (which technically would also be rocket science). It’s a simple exercise we can all do to make sure we have a solid brand statement on deck. To make sure we’re answering people as completely as possible when they ask us about our work. To make sure we give our brand a chance to form a strong, memorable impression.

And now, it’s time to put on our bossy pants. Here’s how to write a brand statement. Follow these directions, now.

Get out four note cards. Or sticky notes. Or any moveable paper product. Write down the following things, one on each card.

1. Who do you serve?

Hint: After you write it down, cross it out and write it again. Be more specific the second time around.

2. Why do you care?

3. What service/benefit do you actually provide?

4. What do you offer that’s different from everyone else?

Once you have these items on notecards, all we have to do is move them around to the correct order, abridge some stuff, and make it work. I’ll show you what I mean. Let’s use our crazy vegan chef as an example.

Who do you serve? Bodybuilders who want effective vegan ketogenic diet plans to cut weight and preserve muscle.

Why do you care? Because when I transitioned to a vegan diet, I lost my muscle mass because I didn’t know how to eat properly. I either ate too much soy or too many carbs. It was hard to add muscle while reducing body fat. I want to help make it easier (and tastier) for others so they don’t feel they have to rely on protein powders and supplements.

What do you actually provide? An intensive online workshop with an option to upgrade to supportive weekly check-ins + meal planning.

What do you offer that’s different? Step-by-step guidance in a small group via DIY materials, a supportive Facebook group and video content to teach meal prep. Having pre-packaged materials helps me keep costs low and the community allows the group to help each other even when I’m not actually in the group.

Now, let’s try a brand statement in a few different orders:

I help bodybuilders and fitness competitors who want to achieve their fitness goals while following a vegan diet, since I had to learn how to eat for muscle mass when I became a vegan. I want others to have a simpler, guided process, so I offer DIY online group coaching, meal planning materials and tailored check-ins to help people through their fitness competitions. [who you help >> why you care >> what’s different + what you provide]

I’m a vegan ketogenic chef. As in, I help people, particularly bodybuilders and fitness competitors, plan delicious keto vegan meals, but I also do it non-traditionally through online workshops and DIY materials to keep costs low. It’s the service I needed but didn’t have when I became a vegan. [what you provide/do >> who you help >> what’s different >> why you care]

I use DIY vegan keto meal planning materials, online group coaching and tailored check-in meetings to co-plan meals and teach food prep to bodybuilders and fitness competitors.  It’s the guidance I wish I’d had when I transitioned to a vegan diet. It was crazypants trying to figure out what to eat to cut body fat while building muscle, and I don’t want anyone else to have to go through it. [why it’s different + what you do >> who you help >> why you care]

In 2 – 3 sentences you can stand out, be firm about why you do what you do, show some personality, and clearly define your brand and who you serve. 

I’m listening. Leave me your brand statement in the comments of this post, or come talk to me on social media. I want to hear.

Do it now. Okay—ending my bossy moment. For all the coders out there: </bossy>

Photo: Franz Navarrete

      1. What an enlightening post, thank you very much. I hope I learned from it. Could you please check if this is effective?

        I help petite, plus size career or businesswomen who find joy in being stylish to be more confident in carrying themselves. I experiment with brands and DIY, and I interact with a lot of people being an events planner. I hope that the results of my experiments as well as my opinions that I share will help you express your uniqueness.

        1. The fact that you auto-share my stuff makes me feel like I’m assuming Kim Kardashian feels when she posts a picture of paint drying on IG and it gets 7.3 million likes per second . . . in other words . . . you make me feel special.

      1. Heyyyy. Thank you. Not sure whether you were talking to Erika (who is amazing) or moi–because of the weird way comments display sometimes–but either way, thank you Tahyira, which is the coolest name, by the way.

    1. I serve diy designers who are decorating a living space, be it home or office. Anyone who wants to start with taste to settle the atmosphere of room. That person who is trying to find the right work of Art that is not rubbish on the wall. We are bringing Contemporary Impressionism to the market place!

      I want to make it simple and affordable for others to buy Art from Art Legacy and do a smashing makeover in the space that they will love to be in year round!

      Art Legacy Geclee’ provides firstly, affordable art that is timeless. We represent the Nationally known Artist Deanne Lemley and reproduce her award winning work. She has a lifetime of works that are classic Impressionism in style. These paintings in both Oil and Watercolor bring her wonderful portfolio to the diy designers across the country.

      We have the unique opportunity to offer our family lagacy to the market as the daughters of Deanne Lemley! Art Lagacy 2016!

    1. Thank you Evelin. I appreciate that. P.S. Your Sky Full of Stars (Coldplay is definitely playing in my head as I type that) post makes me wish I could see skies like that. Beautiful photos ma’am.

  1. Loved the “with our extensive legal training (from watching The Good Wife and other legal dramas)” So true.

    Here’s mine;

    I help those who want to live life on their own terms, because that’s what I do. For many that means starting their own gig. My way of helping is by designing hand drawn brand identities for their start-ups. Design that acts as their silent ambassador while they do the things they love. On my blog, I’m hoping to teach how to design a brand DIY style and soon I will be selling already made graphic design resources to make things more affordable when they are starting out.

    1. Michaela, I love this so much. The amount of awesome this does for me over hearing something like “Oh, I do graphic design,” is freaking immense. Your brand statement most definitely makes me want to work with you and send people your way. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate that you tok the time to do so. I know it will inspire others as well.

      P.S. Ha. With my TV training I feel like I could argue a case fabulously as a lawyer, do an emergency surgery as a brilliant surgeon, and shoot with extreme precision like a detective.

  2. Bingo! Yet again, you deliver. I tell you, following these posts is getting scary my friend. Like you’re reading my mind or something. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Haha. Thank you. And you didn’t know? I in fact AM reading your mind. Right now you’re thinking about some of the old gang getting together for a fabulous workcation where we create, eat chocolate, and realize how young we still are even though we feel we’re getting old >>> and I think it’s a fabulous idea. 2015?

      Also, thanks for reading and for your comment.

  3. Thank you for this post, I needed to hear more about talking about becoming a full time blogger and following your own brand. I’ve recently been struggling with exactly this issue and have avoided explaining to other my plans for what I’m doing next! This has been so helpful!

    My blog has been a work in progress but I’m slowly but surely working my way towards branding and growing a following. I will certainly be following your blog for more tips!

    1. Wow, thank you for saying that and thank you for taking time to read this. Did you do the illustrations in the header of your site? I love those cute little monsters.

      And I feel you, I think all blogs are a work in progress, all brands are in the unknown a bit, it just helps to take those steps toward clarity. The more we move and try things and readjust, the more we do to build the right community for us.

      Thank you again for stopping by.

      1. Regina, I made the header using picmonkey. I plan on editing for each season. To me the monsters were a lot like what I thought a real world dweller is. Thank You for visiting!

        Thank you for your words of encouragement! You found a fan in me!

  4. Regina, you erudite lawyer, you, thanks for a another pithy post full of golden nuggets that even the the most learned, well-heeled would find enlightening.

    I still need to work on my branding/elevator speech, whatever you want to call it!

    For me I have a hard time saying more than a leading- I’m an art therapist. People inevitably ask what that is and then I can give more, but I need to pull out the five little pieces of paper and see if I can polish it. It just always feels so canned and self- indulgent. I bed to find that authentic way of saying it so it doesn’t feel so salesmany.

    Thanks Regina!


    1. Haha Amy, if relying on television alone, I feel erudite-y in about 73 subjects. Thank you for acknowledging the legitimacy of my legal training though.

      I definitely think it is an elevator speech, of sorts. It’s something I think people should write + present when they don’t feel rushed, though. I love it when people take their time with words. Take their time to speak. It communicates a confidence, a subtle message that what each person has to say is important . . . important enough to take 3 extra seconds to listen to.

      Your unique gifts totally make sense for a statement-question-further explanation scenario, so I think I get it. I’d love to hear your elevator speech (slash) brand statement if you do come up with one. Mainly for selfish reasons: it will be simple for me to creatively explain what you do when I send people your way.

      1. Regina!

        So I don’t know if you will even have time to see this, but here’s what I have right now for my brand speech: I am an art therapist who helps people focus on creative self-care: bringing more creativity into their lives and less anxiety, stress, and depression. We all need that “spark” to feel alive, don’t we?

    1. Thank you for taking the time to come by and read it. I appreciated your IG comment too. Your support is so amazing.

      P.S. Loving the branding on the blog. It’s all clean and pleasant to look at.

      1. No! Thank You!! After I go ahead and read through everything, I am looking forward to finally rebranding and meshing all my loves into one space. Will it be a new name? Who knows, but as far as content definitely will have more variety there, thanks for making the process a little clearer. 🙂

  5. I’m addicted to your site! I love the actionable information you provide.

    I’m a healthy living blogger, currently in the middle of my own transformation. I know what it feels like to hate the body you’re living in. Through personal coaching and self-guided courses, I help women love the reflection they see in the mirror, and stop the food fight forever by making changes from the inside out.

    1. Kimberly, I friggin’ love your brand statement. And your way-to-sweet-to-me comment. Thank you so much for saying that.

      Your statement is clear, it lets me know that you’ve been through something that will help you understand others. That you’ve been through something real and will have real passion for what you do. It’s clear what you offer and the benefit it brings to women. I just discovered I love your brand through your statement.

      I’m sure you already had part/all of that crafted or thought out, as wonderful and clear as your site is, but I love that you took time to share it with us. Thank you.

    2. Wow this is really good Kimberly! Well said and straight to the point and it totally makes me want to sign up!

  6. Perfectly timed! I’ve been struggling with how to answer the “what do you do” question in a way that’s more compelling than the generic response. I needed this kick in the gut. Thanks, Regina!

    1. Arianne, I think it’s such a huge struggle, but so worth it once done. Everything you do is wonderful and deserving of the compelling description you’ll create. I just appreciate that you took time to read this and to leave a comment.

  7. THIS.


    I never really thought about having a brand statement for myself. I always just go “I’m a photographer” and then kind of shy away since I don’t do it full-time (yet). I’m so passionate about photography (especially concert photography which would be a total dream job) and I want to be firm about it and proud of it when I talk to others. Crafting a statement would do just that so that I don’t stumble around it when I introduce myself to other people. I love reading the statements other people have come up with and using everything here as a guide for my own! I’ve already bookmarked this page and I plan on sharing it on my blog in my “Weekly Reading” post this Saturday!

    Thanks for this! Feeling super motivated today!

    Neha //

    1. Neha, your blog! It’s so beautiful. You are beyond talented at your craft. I want to eat and/or frame every photograph on your site. I’m 100% serious. And I love that you are in Texas as well.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this and to leave some real thoughts. I’d love to hear your brand statement once you come up with it, and I love that you have a clear understanding of your dream job. You’re just all around one of my new favorite people.

      I’m honored that you plan to share the post. Thank you.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words!! And fantastic! I love finding other Texans. 🙂 I’ve been so enthusiastic about this post over the last 24 hours (I even talked about it at lunch with a friend… Yeah, I’m that person) and I’m still feeling so charged up to get shit done. Making brand statements, kicking ass, taking pictures.

  8. You know my life! I’m tired of bowing my head and saying “I’m a blogger” lol. Spot on Regina! You are amazing. Thanks for sharing so much with us. I’m off to a blogging conference next week and I’m been struggling with my elevator pitch. This helps! THANK YOU!

    1. Yay Vashti, thank you for saying that. I’m #SoOver talking as if I’m ashamed about this creative outlet and business life we get to live. Forget that.

      And ooh, have fun at your conference. Is that the one you were talking about on your blog or a different one? Either way, I hope you enjoy it and amaze people with your presence and new brand statement.

  9. Developing a brand is something I Know I want to do, but it seems intimidating. After reading this post I feel it’s a bit more accessible. Thank you so much for your plain language ( I mean eloquent, but understandable). Answering these questions is definitely going to get me on the right track! Thank You!!

    1. Wow, I love what you say in the sidebar of your blog: “be BOLD and have a bigger vision.” I can see that you’re developing a brand and brand statement that is really true to what you stand for. That’s amazing. You’ll love the heck out of your brand.

      Maybe one thing to keep in mind, not that you asked, is that sometimes brand development can take time. And we’re always a work in progress. I had a huge problem with feeling discouraged when things weren’t seeming to click into place with my brand. However, the moment comes, and then you realize it’s just the beginning. You can make/grow your brand into whatever you want to. And the people who identify with what you’ve built on a deep level will grow with you, excitedly.

      And this ends my unasked for ramble. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting ma’am.

  10. Love this post, and it’s something I’m always trying to work on or play around with. Right now, it’s usually something like this – “I help women get out of the diet-binge cycle to find peace with food. I coach women to help them create vibrant health and feel comfortable in their bodies without counting a single calorie. Because giving up the crazy control around food was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

    1. Lauren, thank you so much for reading and taking time out to comment. I like your statement, and having the privilege of actually knowing you, I feel that you are sincere + genuine, and I love that. This is just an unsolicited version of what you’ve written that I think flows pretty well:

      “I help women get out of the diet-binge cycle and find peace with food in the guided way I wish I’d had when I learned to get through my crazy control issues with food. It was difficult, but one of the best things I’ve ever done. Now I’m honored to be registered as a dietitian so I can coach women to help them create vibrant health and feel comfortable in their bodies without counting a single calorie.”

      Anyhow, feel super free to ignore this version of your words if you’re not feeling it. I love everything you’re doing and view it as super important Lauren. Thanks for stopping by today.

  11. Ragina- You are awesome. Thanks for all the great tips. I just started my blog and still working out the kinks and your web page has been so helpful. Thank you so much for this post, it will definitely help me!

    1. Aly, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this post and leave some encouragement for me. Congratulations on making the decision to start your blog. I hope it’s as rewarding, freeing, fun, and purposeful for you as possible.

      1. Here goes nothing 🙂
        I am a blogger for the hurting and the healed, for the desperate and the free. I lived a life full of darkness. I first-hand encountered God’s love, enabling grace and resurrection power. This blog is full of my testimony + nuggets I have learned walking with The God of the Universe. I am a saint, a daughter of the living God and my only motive is so encourage people to live in VICTORY; by His Grace saving lives one soul at a time.

  12. I think you’re reading my mind or something lady!! I did this exercise a few months ago but as my brand is becoming more defined, it’s no longer resonating with me. Going to have a punch at this again today. I don’t want to be known as #justanotherlifecoachslashcreativeentrepreneurdashhappyclapper- (No idea where happy clapper came from, but maybe I’m onto something;) I want my brand to standout + be known for what I do!! Actually I was just speaking to a friend yesterday about being the authority in your market. Aka -NEED STRONG BRAND! Question– What about short taglines say on Instagram + Twitter? Do you just abbreviate your longer version??

    1. I’m unlikely to get over how freaking attractive I think your blog is Chelsea. I truly love how clean it is. It’s soft in a bold way—I realize I make no sense on a regular basis, but I hope you can follow me.

      On IG + TW I’d recommend opting for something that shows your personality even more and that simply makes it clear who you help + why you’re different if you can fit it. So, for your brand + personality, I might go the way of:

      “Warrior. In love with other warriors who are tired of living on the sidelines of their own lives. I’m pro self-care. Against being a victim. Let’s eff fear up!”

      Or some version of the same that really fits you. I love the message your blog is sending. I think the trap that a lot of #lifecoachslashcreativeentrepreneurdashhappyclappers fall into is the need to use words/phrases like “inspire” “motivate” “create your best life,” etc., that I’m sure are very much what they help do, but these words don’t stand out. These words give nothing of your personality, only your mission.

      If I’m considering (or in need of) a life coach, I’ll hire someone based on who they are and if their personality and message resonates with me, not because their Twitter bio says they’ll help me create my best life. I don’t mean that to sound harsh toward people using those phrases. I love those people. I just think that clichés don’t allow the person to shine.

      Anyhow, that’s my long-winded take on it. Thank you for stopping by Chelsea.

      1. Awe thanks lady!! It’s a work in progress still but I appreciate it + I especially appreciate you taking the time to head over and take a squizz! Love what you’ve written! I like the idea of putting a bit more of my personality into my statement. I’m no a Plain Jayne but I sometimes feel like I dull myself down. Ugh! No Chelsea! NO more of that!

  13. I’m going to hold myself accountable and come back and share what I come up with. It feels important. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks, but especially the past few days!! Thanks for this post, Regina!

    1. Ha, since I already wrote you a mini-book, I’ll keep this response short and simply say: THANK YOU CHELSEA. Also, do people call you Chelse? I’ve been biting my tongue to not abbreviate your name as such.

  14. Boy, I love how you’ve broken elevator speeches down and made it about as easy as it can be. I still don’t think I’m good at this, but here goes:

    I’m a sculptor who creates small, one-of-a-kind figures that fit anywhere. My customers tell me they love how personal my art is, and *I* love hearing their stories – how they give them as wedding gifts, birthday presents, goodbye gifts – or they keep one of my grumpy muses on their desk at work. I feel like I get to be part of their stories, and that’s amazing.

    I dunno… Not sure it’s right or good… Advice welcome!

    As an aside, I’ve found that people get frustrated when I don’t open with a clear, “I’m a [fill-in-the-blank]”. I get the best response when I give them a bucket to fit me in, then give them a “hook” that makes them ask questions that lead to conversation.

    Otherwise, they seem to only listen for a nugget that explains my job, and their only follow up is to try to “define” me. So I make it easy.

    Of course, I guess that depends if they know what your day job actually is. When I was a management consultant, opening with “I’m a management consultant who…” was a conversation killer. It was better to say, “I help companies figure out how to make more money” or something.

    Anyone else have that experience, with people wanting a bucket to fit you in?

    1. Melissa,

      This IS good. I’m completely serious >> it gives a good view upfront, explains what you do, explains the type of person who might want your work based on the ways they’ll give/incorporate them, and shows that you care about being part of something distinct. I like it.

      With art, people wait til they’ve seen your work to judge. With business, people wait til they’ve seen your work to judge. I think it’s just about crafting a statement that will help people get the picture + will be intriguing enough to follow up on later if the person is at all in your realm of ideal customer.

      So many people want to “bucket you” in life. I like when us creatives do all we can to control the narrative and say: “If you’re going to try to place me in a bucket, then I’m going to define the expansive, wonderful bucket for you.”

      Because you know, that’s a normal thing to say.

      1. Oh, I like that! “it’s just about crafting a statement that will help people get the picture + will be intriguing enough to follow up on later if the person is at all in your realm of ideal customer.”

        That’s such a good reminder. It sometimes feels like I have to get the whole pitch in 30 seconds, and I forget it’s just a teaser. Or I get lazy and just say, “I’m a sculptor.” 😉

        And yeah, that actually is a totally normal thing for people to say. If by “people” you mean “us” and by “say” you mean “wish we could actually say out loud to actual people.”

  15. This is what I’ve got. It feels more authentic and me:)

    I am for the wild-hearted warrior women who are tired of living on the sidelines of their life when they know they should be in the middle of the playing field kicking goals because I was once a spectator watching life pass me by + I knew I had more brains, class, + potential than that. I needed to get my hands dirty (a true testament to my class;) I craved adventure, soul-stirring truth + creative self-expression. I help women like you find their purpose, own their truth + trailblaze their path in biz + in life. I know how awesome you are, you just need a bit of light to help you shine like the star you are.

    1. Since we share the same lunch table on Wednesdays Chels, I can definitely say that this feels more authentic an you. I’m glad you wrote it. As people read it and read more of who you are, they will identify, they will see themselves in your words. Believe that.

      Thank you for sharing.

      1. Thankyou Regina. You can sit at my lunch table any day because you are THAT cool. You will find me in a corner with my nerd glasses on, reading + drinking chai spiced latte.

  16. Two things I loved about this blog post.

    1. The phrase “moveable paper product”. It had to be that specific. LOL.
    2. Writing < / bossy>. Epic does not describe it.

    You are too funny. I just discovered your blog last week and now I have an unhealthy addiction. Wonderful, wonderful content.

    Now excuse me, while I go find some “moveable paper products” so I can create my brand statement for that networking meeting I have next week.

    1. Gertrude, thank you so much for your awesome words. I appreciate it. And yes, the moveable paper products are that important.

      Thank you for taking time to read through some of the blog. I’m gonna go check out “Your Online Biz Journey” now. Already sounds like my cup of tea.

    1. Haha. Fixed it. It doesn’t allow certain HTML code to show up unless I ask nicely. Which, I’m not sure why that would appear as valid code. Thank you.

  17. Regina, call me crazy, but you’ve literally just set a spark off in my mind.

    You’ve just inspired me to do something a wee bit insane. Instead of just writing blog posts and telling my readers that they can asks questions, I’m going to offer them help. I just realized that 2-3 years ago I would never pluck up the courage to talk to a blogger, let alone ask them for help. My new mission is to convey to my readers that I’m here for them. That I’m here to support and help them. This is what I’m going to be working toward now. Thank you for continuing to write your beautiful posts that encourage these sparks of realization and imagination!
    Hugs N’ Health
    <3 Tabitha

    1. Tabitha, that is beautiful and I love it. I’m so happy for this spark. Thank you for taking the time to share this because it is very motivational. I don’t think you’ll have a hard time at all conveying a desire to help and to support. Every comment I see from you online is genuine.

      You’re so welcome for continuing to write; thank you for continuing to help me through your comments, tweets, and love.

    1. Julie, that is such a sweet thing to say and I appreciate it. I understand that feeling of a long way to go, but fortunately you’ve chosen to do something that 99.98% of people don’t do: blog consistently and make valuable stuff (like this Stuffed Pepper Soup among other treasures).

      Thank you kindly for stopping by Julie.

    1. Yay. So glad to hear you’re starting a new business and that this is helpful. Is that pic in your “a beginner’s guide to interning” post of your stuff? We have the same black Moleskine if so. It’s one of my favorite planning tools. << Random note. Sorry. Thank you for reading this and taking time out to comment. I appreciate it.

  18. Mind reading, Regina! Literally! Me and the crew over at The B-Side were just hashing this out this weekend. I like how you added the “why this is important to you” part. I think going over the “why” over and over again not only helps you get clear but it helps to add passion to your statement when you are telling others about it. Like I literally felt the passion behind the non-traditional wedding planner’s statement, even though you just made her up! Lol. Great job, I’m going to practice this tonight.

    And yay Vashti, I can’t wait to hear your brand statement at my event this weekend! We’ll both be trying it out 😉

    1. Courtney, I so agree with you on the “why.” It’s not like we don’t know our “why” most of the time, I just think it is simple to forget or to minimize when we don’t review it or put words to it. You and I think so much alike. Probably why I adore you and your brand so much. And haha to our fake wedding planner. Thank you.

      P.S. Vashti is too cool. The event sounds amazing. I wish I could attend but I’m hoping for both of y’all to recap it soon. Thank you for the comment ma’am.

  19. So I wanted to just write it, but your hint about being more specific about your audience got me hung up! I really have to figure that out. I want to say…individuals, artists, and small business owners looking to brand themselves, but there is no real niche there.

    I shall think on that and get this thing going.

    1. I know dude. It’s so hard. Worth it, I think, but hard. I guess if you don’t niche out in who you help, you would perhaps want to narrow down a distinct way you help people as the differentiator. This will be a bad example, but say, websites in a 72-hour turnaround, or a 1-week brand makeover, or something like that. My point is, something that makes the product, its timing, or its delivery different and appealing.

      I think you get where I’m going. You could always choose to do both, serve a specific type of client and give unique deliverables.

      Thank you for stopping by Brittany. I appreciate you.

  20. Hey Regina,

    Great post, I’m still trying to figure out a lot of things for my own business development and I love how you always have exercises (even outside of class) that helps in the class. It’s perfect. One more post that’ll just have to share 🙂

    Here is my brand statement (at least the first draft- I feel like it’s not there yet)

    I’m an entrepreneurship & creative enthusiast, working as a marketing + design counselor for start-ups and running companies who need a fresh perspective. I help my collaborators putting together a one of a kind strategy to realize projects such as branding, collection building, website creation and/or in store visual merchandising… and creating the related designs so that they don’t have to take care of a thing other than running their dream business.

    What do you think?
    Can’t wait for your next post.

  21. Hi Regina,

    I love your blog! You provide a lot of great information and make starting a blog/business doable. I can’t wait to work with you in the future.

    I am still working on the branding of my blog/business so my statement is a little rough. I would love to still here your thoughts!

    I am a lingerie blogger who inspires “the girl next door” to lose her inhibitions and explore her vixen desires. Through the operation of a carefully curated lingerie boutique and offering step by step inhibition plans, I have dropped my barriers and now I’m helping women like me do the same.

  22. I write a lifestyle blog for professional women aged over 30 covering the middle market sector of fashion, beauty, arts, entertaining and travel along with well-being because I found it so difficult to find somewhere for myself that covered this sector that didn’t induce self-loathing due to high-end designer labels and unattainable imagery.
    LOVED this article! Was *so* useful to sit and actually word this out! It’s going on my office wall. Thank you x

  23. Amazingly helpful as always. I think i will soon run out of compliments for you as I would have used all the most emphatic words in the dictionary in all my comments !

    Anyway, I have two questions for you and also posted my statement below. Would love your comments.

    1. How would you potentially use the “brand statement” on the blog itself ? On the about page ?
    2. What’s the difference between a “brand statement” and a “vision statement ” ? (as per the business plan) ?

    My statement (still in progress so would love comments !)

    I help style-loving women find gorgeous holiday places for them and their family. I offer a carefully curated collection of hotels, B&Bs and rentals mostly around Europe as well as a personal service answering my readers’ own holiday challenges. It’s the French chic/interior design combo that I personally search high and low for when booking holidays for us and our daughter.

  24. draft: I’m more thoughtful in the morning so I’ll try another approach tomorrow, just wanted to get the thoughts out there:

    With color and a positive outlook, together we will transform your room with crafty redos into a place you and everyone who enters will adore.

    If you have the spare time to make your space a positive place to come home to, and you have the desire to work to change the space you have now, my honest opinion and resources in the design world will transform your drab dwelling into something you’re proud of.

  25. I love this and so glad I found you! I always over think things even though I try to use the KISS method (keep it simple silly). I have been in my business for 4 years and when I started there was not many others doing it so I could charge double the price and the sales just rolled in, now a days there are a ton of others doing this and it has cut my prices in half and made me chase sales :(.

    I know why I’m better and different but never have found the right way to say it and when people ask me about what I donI notice that I give them a simple non exciting answer and if I’m not hopped up on it then I will continue to get the “that’s nice” response. I loved this excerise and wanted to share what I came up with.

    I design and print pretty and personalized accessories from my home studio to dress up your tech and home. I believe that we all should surround our selves with beautiful and unique things that make us happy and smile everyday. I do this through my unique designs and since I had make them I can allow my customers to fully customize them so it’s unique and special to each of them.

    Thanks again.

  26. Awesome sauce Reg. Quick question: for people like me or freelancers who serve various markets, do we make a brand statement that is sort of flexible? I keep trying to figure mine out,.

  27. I help businesses with their content and social media. Most of my clients are in the travel, wellness, or entertainment industries, probably because I’m most passionate about those subject. I like storytelling and usual a mix of visuals and the written word in the articles/posts I write.

    Does that sound confusing or OK? I’m loving it more than what I had before!

  28. I’ve been finding your blog so helpful since I discovered it! I feel like the first year of my business I was just throwing darts and hoping I hit the target. But I’m starting to find my brand. Thank you!

    Here goes: CharmCat is a custom invitation service with oodles of options, honest advice, and encouragement for unique, offbeat, or atypical couples looking to embrace and personalize their wedding experience. When I got married, I found there were too few options for invitations that were both budget-friendly and personal. I offer complete customization for every one of my designs, so a couple’s identity can truly shine through their stationery.

  29. Love this Regina! At my company we call them elevator speeches. Our CEO has been known to get on the elevator with someone and introduce himself, then ask what you do. We all practice our elevator speeches should one day we end up in an elevator with him. 🙂 I need to come up with one for my blog now. 🙂

  30. Regina, thank you. I love all that you do. Your devotion to helping others is inspiring, and your ability to move mountains is magical. You are changing life’s. More than you probably realize.

    (So when people ask what I want to be when I grow up, I will say “a Regina.” Except… I’m 27… So it might be weird to get asked that…maybe even more weird when I answer…errrr uh… Oh well. Lol )

    Do u have a post on your blog that you can point me (and others) to, if we are barely starting, and still figuring it out?
    I’m sure I’m not alone by saying that your words get me all hype, but then I realize idk the answers to the 4 questions above?
    My interests can go on for days, but my decision making… Ehh that shit left the building, and skipped town. To another country. Like, years ago…

    Suggestions appreciated(:

  31. Thanks for this Regina!! I really needed this!! I’m about to go to a networking event where one of my friends/associates is launching her book! I know she’s awesome. But I reallly really need to come up with an “elevator pitch” Thanks! Booking marking ASAP!

  32. I am a real estate agent and relocation expert who specializes in helping families truly find home. I believe real estate should be more than just a transaction, the layout of the house and the color of the siding. I work with clients and guide them in locating the perfect community where they can thrive and grow as a family in all aspects of their lives.

  33. Sometimes life sucks, but I make it suck less. I am a coach who walks beside people who feel like they are in a pool of their own drool because they are in crisis. I help said people find their inner badass and move through their tough time rather than sit in it like a frog in increasingly hot water.

  34. Love this blog post. SImple and to the point. Here is my statement
    I serve talented entrepreneurs who are passionate about serving others with their unique talent. I love supporting creative people and helping them achieve their dreams. I want to remove barriers or fears of DIY entrepreneurs in learning how to implement online marketing strategies and to avoid the pitfalls of bad, inaccurate or over-priced training products. I provide individual consulting services and digital training products around specific inbound marketing strategies to help my client grow their following and turn their prospects into customers and customers into lifelong fans. I love what I do because it allows me to combine my passion for helping people with my experience as a successful trainer and marketing executive and supporting people in unleashing their inner marketing mojo.

  35. If there were a social networking site dedicated to Internet Marketers and Online Businessmen, what would it look like? I am talking about some kind of Facebook specifically for Internet Marketers, entrepreneurs and small businesses. For more information on Our Web Page can be researched on many sites. Thanks Sweatman Ellegood

  36. Well that was extremely helpful. I just sat down and wrote mine in a matter of minutes. Something I had never done before. I’ve got lots of blurbs for profiles on different sites but this is much better. Thanks.

    “I comb thrift shops, flea markets and the internet for rare and collectible charms, necklaces, rings, and earrings from cool retro and traditional designers. My passion is seeking out unique and stylish vintage jewelry for collectors. Then I write about it on my Charmchatter blog. I love vintage costume and fine jewelry, charm bracelets in particular. You can find my baubles in my Charmcrazey eBay store, where I sell inexpensively and ship quickly with a money back guarantee.”

    What do you think?

  37. Regina,

    I found this when googling about crafting a personal mission statement. Your writing appealed instantly to me so I kept reading and then decided to participate in the exercise and (Bam!) I now have clarity on the direction my site is going AND an nearly complete brand statement to boot.

    After that super rad discovery I went back to my sketch pad and my 2015 Mission Statement with renewed curiosity and (Bam!) I’ve craft a simple and totally true to me mission statement that may well serve me far longer than just this year.

    I wrote about it here:

    Thank you for this post and your whole site – it’s pretty awesome and I’ve been having tons of fun exploring. 🙂

  38. Here we go

    I design knitwear for women and name each of my designs after a woman that I am inspired by, that’s why my shop is named Purl Heroine. Purl as in knit and purl and heroine as in a female hero. I like to design items that are beautiful and timeless and also enjoyable to make.

    How was that?


  39. Hi. Just found your blog, and I love it. Glad to find another Texan. I’m a native Houstonian. I’m a Realtor still trying to come up with my brand statement. I will ponder a little more before I share. Meanwhile I will keep reading your advice.

  40. This is so timely and written exactly the way I needed to read it! I’ve tried a lot of worksheets to help me with writing out my elevator speech but yours just hit home and the words flowed. Thank you!!
    What do you think?:
    I teach and sell minimalist knit & crochet accessories for adults & children as well as modern décor for the home without looking like your grandmother’s afghans. My items are simple enough to look store-bought but have the personality & quality of handmade.

  41. Hi Regina,
    I found this extremely helpful! Here’s what I came up with writing out those 4 statements and rearranging for my blog brand…

    Through personal narrative and stories from my travels, I encourage fellow lovers of travel and Jesus. From the unique perspective of a transparent Christian, I give travel advice and life encouragement because I want to improve the experiences of fellow travelers based on my adventures and deepening relationship with God that I’ve gained through experiencing new places.

  42. Hi Regina! I am developing my business statement, which is different than a mission statement or vision statement right? After dissecting it so much I need some feedback, is it boring, non-personal, too short, or too vague? THANKS!

    “I get energized and thrilled to see art where there was once an idea. As an artist, I co-create with people from concept to completion, helping them express their unique identity and vision.”

    1. Here’s my modified version,

      “As an artist I an passionate about developing creative concepts into reality. Through collaboration I help individuals express their unique identity and vision.”

  43. I’m not a blogger but found this helpful although I am still struggling with the words. I truly love what I do but have such a hard time explaining it people. Its more than what I “DO” its how I feel and my customers feel that make it all worth while. Here’s what I have so far — I would love some help!

    I am beauty artist that provides services for the modern woman. I believe that confidence is beautiful and we help women feel effortlessly beautiful in and out of my studio. We are meticulously driven by educating women in products they need to make their life more glamourous.

    sidebar: I do lashes and makeup

  44. This was a great and very helpful read, I found it through pintrest and I’m now working on creating a stronger brand statement. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing info!

  45. Okay, I’ll give this a whirl, let me know if you fall asleep halfway through it…

    “I started an online-based stationery company, specializing in custom wedding designs for those tying the knot and other fabulous events in life”

    Meh? What do you think…

  46. Holy cow! Just discovered your site yesterday(thanks Pinterest!), and I am super duper inspired to market my brand better! I’m not primarily a blogger(though my husband and I just started a wordpress…), but all your info is still so helpful! Here’s my brand statement(let me know what you think?):

    “I hand-craft herbal solutions, like balms and salves, for aspiring homesteaders and outdoorsmen. I use the highest quality, conscientiously sourced, food-grade oils and beeswax in my products to ensure that every product leaves the biggest possible positive impact on its consumer, with the smallest environmental footprint possible.”

  47. Wow! I found your post really helpful! Perfect timing for me as I’m working on moving my business to the next level. I even got out the cards and filled them out (some of us respond well to bossy) I’m struggling with the wording, as so many other folks that have commented are. I came up with a tagline, “Happy Art – Joyful Living” and feel that suits my business. I feel a little silly, I guess. The hardest question is who my customer is. The best I came up with is “people who want to feel and share happiness.” That’s not a demographic! Work in progress… that’s me! 🙂

  48. I LOVE your blog Regina!!!! If there was a word bigger than love I would use that simply because this and the free ebook in the newsletter have been such a big help to me!

    I’m in the middle of defining my brand and have been thinking if I should move to a new self-hosted website or if I should stay at my blogspot sites and wait til I save up enough for hosting and this wordpress theme I’ve been staring at everyday this week lol. So yeah all your posts about branding are so helpful!

    I’m an animator and I enjoy making short animated web content such as GIFs and eCards simply because it makes me happy and I like to entertain and make other people happy with what I do as well. I’m not sure though if my reason for doing what I do is as “noble” as your example and others’ brand statements in the comments above, so I’d love to get your insight on this!

    Thanks Regina!

  49. Thank you so so much for this post. I am in the process of divorcing my oil paintings from my geeky crafting. OK, it’s a trial separation, but I’m almost certain it’ll end in divorce. I have been sort of frozen, not knowing how to proceed, and not able to afford someone who knows what they’re doing with branding. So I thank you sincerely for this amazing post. Here is the brand statement I just produced in about 10 minutes (plus 15 minutes of interruptions by children). I was torn about whether I needed more detail or less, but this is a great start for me! My goal is to launch my new Etsy shop and website May 15, 2015!

    “I combine my art training with my love of geeky vintage toys and buttons to make custom Lego portraits, quirky stationery, jewelry and gifts. It gives me great joy to see well-educated women tap into the playful nostalgia that my creations invoke.”

    1. I just came back to grab the text and realized I somehow linked the wrong etsy? I am currently and am going to splinter all but my oil paintings/prints off into

  50. Hi Regina,

    Just found your blog today and I’m so pleased I did it was just what I was looking for. I’m launching a video production company, my site is under construction but I will be including a blog.
    Here’s my branding statement:

    We create engaging, broadcast quality HD video content for companies that are embracing video marketing through a collective of talented television professionals who freelance for the BBC, Sky, ITV and Channel 4. Any company with a website already has its own media outlet in place. By utilising the same social media platforms that major corporations are using we help companies maximise their production spend by delivering engaging content with a longer shelf life.

    I’d really love to know what you think of it.

    1. thank you for this post! here goes! feedback more than welcome as I have been struggling with branding for 15 years!!
      I encourage women to reconnect to themselves through movement, be it yoga, paddleboarding, running, surfing and more. I teach yoga and paddleboard yoga classes and privates, as well as retreats around the world to allow women to step out of their comfort zones and be healed and transformed through the therapy of movement. JBYoga stands for ‘just be you.’ Who were you before the title of mother, wife, divorcee, employer or employee? what lights you up and puts a smile on your face? UGH UGH UGH….help!!!!!

  51. My husband and I have a DJ business, please help us with our brand statement.
    “Your wedding is the first big investment as a couple. DJ & MC Jason is the insurance you need so that your event has professional direction and epic entertainment for your guests. He will walk you through every detail of the timeline, create custom music selections, and insight on how to keep your guests entertained.”

  52. I am an artist/designer. I provide finishing touches for individuals to brighten their space, and lift their mood. I work with reclaimed materials, finding things that are unloved and unwanted, giving them time and attention, and preparing them to be cherished. Because everyone deserves a chance to be cherished.

  53. First off loved the post, it helped me to gain a lot of clarity as well as put some of the grandiose ideas I have into words, so thank you!

    Here’s what I have so far…
    From a child I saw my friends families struggle to provide healthy home cooked meals with the limited funds they had available – many of which relying on the food bank just to get by. Its because of this I decided to open a centre focused on providing families with an all encompassing approach to cooking, meal planning and budgeting through bi-weekly practical and theoretical classes.

  54. Just found your site and am getting acquainted! Decided to start here as it’s the most logical place! Here’s what I came up with in the last 5 minutes!

    I’m a Personal Trainer with 10+ years of knowledge and experience behind me. I’ve created a resource to inspire, motivate and empower individuals to live an active and healthy lifestyle. It’s the sort of resource I wish I had before I qualified and beyond! I love being a part of others achieving their goals!

  55. Thank you for breaking down the brand statement, it is something I have struggled with. To be succinct and still get my message across. I would love your some input on my statement below.

    “Sixteenth & V products are for women looking to infuse fashion and sophistication into their workdays. As a woman who enjoys fashion and likes to look polished, I have struggled to find business products that complement my look and make me feel good. By providing business and travel accessories with a focus on design, function and ease of use, the products that we provide will help women to feel confident and stylish within their daily lives.”

    1. Meredith, I love your statement and it’s very clear. The only think I might do is change around the last sentence a bit to shorten it:

      “Sixteenth & V products are for women looking to infuse fashion and sophistication into their workdays. As a woman who enjoys fashion and likes to look polished, I have struggled to find business products that complement my look and make me feel good. Our business and travel accessories focus on design, function and ease of use, and help women feel confident and stylish every day.

      1. Thank you! That sounds much better. Your website and workbooks have been such a huge help with defining my brand and allowing me to focus everything going on in my head.

        1. That means so much to me, Meredith. Thank you for taking the time to say that. I’m wishing you all the success with this brand. I love the sound of it.

  56. Reading a ton of articles on your site at the moment. (Not stalker-ish at all right?).
    Working on the ‘brand’ for my site, girlcarnivore. Here’s what I’ve got:

    I’m a food writer and recipe developer who’s knocking down barriers on the food scene and delivering quality carnivorous recipes to aspiring cooks and savory enthusiasts who want to play with their meat as much as I do. I bring top-notch seasonal eats twice weekly showcasing drool worthy photography and an approachable delivery that inspires curious at-home cooks to take on the challenges of preparing their own meal one recipe at a time.

    Love to hear your thoughts.

  57. Just found your blog tonight, and I have about a dozen pages bookmarked to print your worksheets and read God knows what else… I’ve just started blogging this month, and although I feel a bit flustered with info, I wanna take a wack at this. Let me know if I strike out!!

    I’m a fiber artist. Ever since learning to sew and crochet at 7 years old, I’ve become more and more passionate about enriching lives with bold, one of a kind designs, that can’t be found on the shelves. I often combine many techniques in several mediums, both fiber and fabric, to create unique blankets and items for the home.

    I feel it could be better… I’m still brainstorming as I type and jotting down in a notebook. (yes, I am an octopus.) I’d love you’re opinion and suggestions!

    Tina @

  58. Thank you very much for this post. I am in the process of reinventing myself and my brand, having gone through the process to start a business and serve folks and learning who I really want to serve and how. The process has been challenging but fulfilling at the same time…I say all of that to say this post is JUST what I needed to help me work through “what I do” and get very clear on my messaging!

  59. Hey Regina!

    Your content is so helpful and I’m so impressed with your branding! I’m working to launch my own design studio within the next couple months and I gave this brand exercise a quick go (literally 10 minutes, like you said!)

    “I’m a design consultant. I help other female entrepreneurs create or pivot their brand and content to create a more effective and user-centered product. I work on a small, personal level to walk them through the process and help them to create content.”

    What do you think? Where can I improve?


  60. Here’s mine:

    I help high school and college-aged girls who are in need of a big sis to show them around. I was once one of those high school girls and am now a college girl, so I want to be that big sis! I provide guides and how-to’s to make their school year a successful one. Mixed in with my academic advice I also offer tips and tricks on broader issues, like making money, shopping, organization, and bullying!

    1. I read your post and tried to implement the steps you suggest. Here is what I came up with.

      “I am an HR Consultant who provides coaching to small business owners that have a limited budget for human resource related expenditure and thus do not have an in-house HR professional. My guidance helps them to improve legal compliance and to build a motivated workforce.”

  61. Ah, this is the best article on this topic I’ve ever seen! Thank you! So good at conveying the importance of having an “elevator pitch” (wow, do I ever prefer “brand statement”) AND making it not the most intimidating thing ever AND giving examples that don’t sound hella artificial.

    Mine needed an overhaul because my last one was so canned-sounding that I never used it, and just fumbled awkwardly instead. Here’s the new one, thanks to your process:

    “I teach improvisation, music theory and jamming skills to fiddlers who want to connect with other musicians and have as much fun as I do in my musical life. I work both on- and off-line, so I get to help people all over the place!”

    1. Oops, I left out the post-it about what I actually do!

      “I teach fiddle players how to improvise and jam, so they can connect with other musicians and have as much fun as I do in my musical life. I teach classes both on- and off-line, so I get to help people all over the place!”

  62. This was very helpful, Regina!
    I used to say, “I do graphic design” and I can see why people forgot what I did for work by the end of the event.

    Here’s mine,
    “I help small businesses build their brands and guide them through online marketing practices, so they don’t waste their advertising dollars”.

  63. Hi Regina,
    Once again, you manage to make me rethink a concept I felt I tackled and I love you for it! I feel like I have 2 brand statements? Like, a written one and a verbal one lol? I feel weird writing my statement the way I’d speak it to people, because to those who don’t know me or get my personality it may seem unprofessional. Is that crazy? However, here’s my written one on my blog and social media :

    I help creative entrepreneurs launch profitable salons and retail boutiques. I use my blog to share my experiences and advice tips on how to do this even while being a wife and mom.
    So Regina and community how did I do ??? ???

  64. Hi Regina! Here is mine…I’m trying to nail down my brand, and I’m just not sure what direction to go because I have several ideas so I’m kind of working backwards 🙂

    I help moms, dads, career people, homebodies, people with low self-confidence, and just everyday people, turn their health and fitness around by providing a behavior-focused assessment and plan for their health and fitness.
    Together, we will focus on the underlying reasons behind weight gain, inactivity, lack of motivation and self-confidence, and develop a personalized plan to turn it around, for good!
    I have struggled with my weight and health my entire life and want to help others get out of the rut that I have pulled myself out of. I offer 1:1 support through continuous consultation and coaching. I use a type of Recovery model, until these behaviors and habits are ultimately developed in a way that the person can sustain long-term success.

  65. I have been an editor for years but I’m launching my personal blog next month.

    My brand statement:

    I help busy career women & mothers work smart and live well with a pinch encouragement, a dash of helpful resources and a sprinkle of humor. It’s all the stuff that I needed when navigating the busy life of motherhood and entrepreneurship.

  66. Here’s mine:

    Hi, I’m Sacia! I blog on
    I serve women who want to start and grow their blogs from zero (as in no social media, email list, or connections) to successful. I started out blogging with nothing to help me. There was blogging advice out there, but none of it catered to the “nothings”, the people who don’t have any online experience. I want to help other women create awesome, successful blogs. Everyone else out there provides blog marketing advice for people who already have some online presence. I teach people how to start from nothing. I provide high-quality blog posts, videos, and different workshops. I sell an elite, one-on-one coaching program, as well as e-books, e-courses, and master classes.

  67. Love your stuff and writing style girl! My brand statement (for the moment) is this:

    I help women get their mojo back post-divorce by providing them coaching, support and expert services infusing the journey with a cocktail of humor, real & raw honestly and some fun. Going through my own divorce, every workshop, podcast or support group made me want to hang myself. I want to make divorce suck less. I’m their Mojo Madam.

  68. You are my new favourite blog! Here’s my statement.

    I’m a parent coach that gives parents the skills, strength and support they need to evolve into engaged, empowered parents through a 10 week one on one coaching experience. As a mother of 4, I often wished someone had given me the handbook when they gave me the baby. As a teacher and a therapist, I saw so many parents doing the wrong thing for the right reason. My clients come away feeling confident in the family handbook that we actually make that suits their family, their personality, and using their new skills. It changes the world one family at a time!

  69. Absolutely love your blog! Here’s my statement:

    I provide unique and customizable information and advice from an aspiring ballerina, to aspiring ballerinas. In my early years as a student I often wished I had outlets and a community to talk with, and I want to share those opportunities with the internet.

  70. Well this was insanely helpful (and easy!). Thanks so much! You are helping the relaunch of my business to be way more legit the second time around!

  71. In efforts to stop hoarding Regina workbooks and actually using them, here goes:

    Honey Mustard Lane provides family fun for parents in the Willamette Valley and beyond. With events, crafts, and a super cool website, I help parents like me, entertain their kids and keep the crazy to a minimum.

  72. I’m just starting to create my own brand and this was oh so helpful in creating my own brand identity. Thank you so much! So here’s mine 🙂

    Coming from a low income background I didn’t have the extra income to afford a lot of the jewelry that I liked, so I decided to make my own. It was so much more affordable and I could make it custom just for me. FNG Dzyns is my shop that offers exclusive, one of kind, hand made pieces of jewelry and accessories. I create beautiful unique pieces that give you the look of being expensive but is so much more affordable. I offer a variety of beautiful items at different price points making my items more affordable for everyone.

  73. First of all great advise. Something that I know I need to pin. I can tell by your blog and your comments (which there are a lot of ) that you get your personality across. And that people love you. Now a days there such a wealth of information that it is so easy to get lost and overwhelmed. Do you have any suggestion for people like me who seem so overwhelmed about creating a brand and a blog? Signed completely and utterly overwhelmed.

  74. Fantastic. I am always coming back to your blog for help/advice/learning.
    Just starting out my branding process and this is a great place to start – defining what you do, why you do it, and what makes you awesome. Thanks!

    I help people who want to get out of debt by providing a no nonsense, informational approach through online courses, challenges, support groups, and personal development. I am doing something I wish I had access to on my journey through paying off my own debts, being frugal and living minimal. I offer information on all aspects of life when it comes to saving money and getting out of debt.

  75. Hi Regina,

    My dad recommended to read your page- I am glad I did- Very inspiring!
    About me: After 15 years of working in the film industry (still ) I now have a toddler and working 12+ hours a day away from him is simply brutal. I want to merge the knowledge I have (costume designer) to help companies have a stronger 1st impression and brand expression through their clothes. Any idea how to brand myself here 🙂

  76. Thanks Regina!! I love this!

    I help purpose-driven women bring their dreams to life. I know what it’s like to be stuck in a job where you aren’t making a living doing what you love. Through my results driven coaching services, my clients get a step-by-step roadmap to developing a mindset that conquers fear while mastering the process of bringing any dream to life. #yourDreamCoach

  77. Thank you Regina, so waht if you may soundbossy. It’s your blog and yu are the boss. Love it!

    I create fun dress up out fits and dramatic play things for kids who have budget minded parents and other grownups who care about early childhood learning experiences. Why, I’ve spent a ife time teaching children. Now I want to get rich doing what I love.
    How did I do?

  78. Thanks, Regina! Your work is always refreshing. Much appreciation for #BlogDirty30, by the way. It’s a great supplement to the courses I’m already in!

    I’m a Kemetic Yoga Instructor/Investor/Mom, who homeschools my children and enjoys showing others that they have what it takes to do the same–i.e. live out their dreams–and more. Client-centered in my approach, I provide mini DIY courses through email and offer one-on-one coaching to guide extraordinary parents through the process of creating engaging, personalized homeschool learning plans for their exceptional children.

    #ExtraordinaryParents #ExceptionalChildren #EngagedLearning

  79. How helpful!

    Okay here it is … I design games, activities and resources that focus on playing while learning for parents and educators of children 3 to 7. Just download, assemble and play! They are awesome because they get the whole brain working to master the skills that will one day change the world.

  80. Thank you so much for writing this!! I have read dozens, but they never really clicked for me. Although I don’t like admitting I needed my hand held in this task, you gave enough examples that it actually made sense and got my creative brain working. You are so awesome! Thank you!!

    Here’s what I came up with:
    Hi, I’m Cherice. I work with individuals and companies that need someone to illustrate their ideas by offering meetings, strategic planning, and creating the final work. I love discussing concepts with people and offering my services to show them what’s possible with cleverness and inspirational design.

  81. Regina, you are completely refreshing! Thanks for this simple guidance on building a brand statement. I needed this now and you delivered yet again. So here’s what I came up with, using [why you care] + [who you serve] + [what’s different] + [what you provide]:

    I want to make the small business world a more beautiful place, so I help non-creative solopreneurs and small business owners who need a jumpstart or guidance in their marketing. Most have already launched their business, but I help take it a step further and make businesses stand out long-term with DIY marketing strategies for the budget-conscious, custom marketing services for the lost, and kick butt content with actionables for right now in real life.

    P.S. Love the code! That should be a real thing.

  82. Regina, Regina ! I love your helpful ninja-y-ness (word right? totally). I’ve been following your blog for the last 6+ months now and you have really kept me inspired. Your insights are part of the reason I left my “day-job” to become a full-time freelance designer now! The main goal is to make my income from my art and helping others:

    “I provide brand identity + promotional kits for newly emerging artist that have loads of talent but no exposure. I give them one-on-one coaching to establish their brand and website this way they have a starting point and a target audience. I was once in their shoes and want to teach others what I’ve learned!”

  83. I brighten up people’s days by providing knowledge, information and solutions to their accounts payable needs. I take a step-by-step teach and learn approach to each problem whether dealing with, expense reports, vendor inquiries, or requested analytics. I’m always looking for opportunities to learn and grow, and therefore strive to offer that same opportunity to others whenever possible.

  84. I help brides to perfectly enjoy their best day and help un planing great memorabke anniversaries and surprise parties.

  85. Thank you for this post. I am work on getting my business website and blog up and running and this help me a lot.

    customize skin care products to fit the needs of people with sensitive skin that want an all natural product with ingredients that they know what are, and that won’t break their budget. While trying to keep it eco-friendly and fresh.

  86. Regina – Your blog has been really helpful to me in the last few years as I’ve pursued my passion and turned it into a business. Thanks! Here’s my brand statement:

    I help fellow herb nerds and novices seeking plant wisdom and hands-on botanical experiences. I offer courses, herb walks, and study tools for budding herbalists – as well as punk rock teas and custom flower essences. My passions for botany, language, history, and Joey Ramone provide a rich and unique backdrop for rock solid medicinal plant education.

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